Worth It Hoodie

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Our worth it hoodie release was designed by our friend from "DEAFMUTE GOURMET" clothing brand (Daryl Gaffud). He made the front logo like a maze because life is full of obstacles. We thought the quote in the back "It's not going to be easy, but  it'll be worth it" goes well with the front design.

We have difficult situations in our own lives and they are different from others. We deal with our own issues & it's how our mind, body, and soul rises to the occasion. The process is the ride and we must enjoy it because in the end it will be worth it! It makes you a stronger individual and we can look back at it and say "hey that wasn't too bad.

Wear this hoodie with pride & whatever you're going through, JUST BE HAPPY because you are loved!



Claudia & Melissa

(Obstacle Illusion)