Our Story


Founders: Melissa Ching & Claudia Flores


Our Mission
To share positive reminders through a lifestyle clothing brand to the community with quality products. A brand that reminds us that no obstacle is too difficult to overcome & a monkey to remind us of our inner child.


Our Story
Obstacle Clothing Company started in 2014 by owner Melissa Ching. Coming out to her parents was a difficult obstacle and not feeling comfortable to tell her parents. She had a simple monkey logo and the name "Obstacle" to go with a great concept. Everyone has obstacles in life no matter the situation. With a straight forward motto: "Overcome It". 4 years later she changed the name to "Obstacle Illusion" because obstacles are put in your way to block from progress and illusions are to be wrongly perceived or interpreted. Together, we are a brand that reminds us that no obstacle is too difficult to overcome and the monkey to never forget our inner child. We play & go for our goals.

Behind the Monkey
It all started with Melissa's mom. Her mom was born and raised in the Philippines and came to the states to expand her nursing career. Melissa's mom wanted more opportunity for her family. She always wanted Melissa to become a registered nurse in college because she said that there will always be job openings. It just wasn't for Melissa at the time.

Born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii Melissa lived the island life. After graduating High School in Hawaii she took Hospitality Management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Melissa loves to create and wanted to take up graphic designing for her major, but her mom thought she can do that on the side. Even though Melissa took a different route she learned how to graphic design on her own and worked in the food and beverage industry. She took her moms hard work, determination, and bravery to start her own clothing brand instead.

Her mom's Chinese zodiac sign is a monkey so, Melissa used that as her logo. This is how the name "Chance" was given. There is no harm in taking a chance like how her mom moved from the Philippines. Chance is a male instead of a female because she really admires her dad as well because he is just a genuine person and played the mom role while mom was working long hours in the hospital. A monkey swings on high and low branches just like the ups and downs we have in life. The mad monkey means determination to achieve our goals. The crown represents achieving them and setting new ones to continuously keep on growing.

Partner In Crime
Her partner in crime is Claudia Flores, which is also her better half. Claudia does all the business and financial decisions. Melissa does all the graphics and marketing. Together they make a power team and only competing with themselves to be better everyday. Passion, love, consistency, patience, and growth are the words that mean the most to them. They do not compete with other brands, they build connections and relationships. They love what they do and are very blessed with all the support from family and friends.